Do you sell prints only? What about the original artworks?

Yes, I do sell paintings on canvas too as original artworks. My prints are unlimited reproductions of my paintings on paper.


How the prints are made?

I create everything by hand, using black ink and on paper. These drawings are then scanned to the digital version, edited on a computer. Product photos are made and then my prints are uploaded to my e-shop. All my prints are made to order. Read more about process, quality and sustainability here.


Is it possible to pay in the e-shop with a debit and credit card?

Yes. I use Stripe and PayPal. Both are payment gateways accepting major credit cards. You can also pay with Apple Pay. Other payment options aren't available.


How long it takes to ship prints to my home?

It usually takes 1-3 days to deliver your order. Shipping is calculated at the checkout and it depends on the customer's shipping address. Usually, in US it takes up to 3 days. My prints are fulfilled via my production partner Printful. They are responsible for the printing and shipping part of the process and have production centers on both coasts.