About me

Hi! I’m Milan.

I’ve always been inspired by women. The power and intelligence that they convey along with their individual beauty has fascinated me and I have found myself entranced, wanting to convey this through my art.

I revere women especially for qualities they are the bearer of, marveling at everything they bring and give. There is resilience but tenderness, strength yet softness. Natural feminine energy is pure connection fueled by intuitiveness, empathy, and awareness of surroundings.

These are the values that we all need the most in our society and that are oftentimes missing.

Despite being a man and confident within this role, I was born with a strong sense of feminine energy that has only deepened with time as I have allowed myself to explore and create with this side.

My purpose is clear. To support and uplift women of the world and to translate their incredible feminine energy onto paper. With my art, I hope to impart that every woman is worthy of respect and has the confidence to take on the world.

I want to say to every woman: “Give yourself permission to be whatever kind of woman you want. Be bold, nurture yourself. The world changes with feminine energy.”