What you need to know about me... or not.

Today I am 34. I think it’s the right time to start expressing myself. Confidently and honestly. And to start it by posting my first blog post is, I think, the good beginning. Let me tell you something about me.

First of all – I am an artist. My works are mostly black and white, in minimalistic style and created spontaneously. Speaking of a topic, my works are dedicated to the most beautiful and the most exquisite creation in the universe - a woman.


Early years

I started my artistic career when I was about 30. Until that, I was working mainly in commercial areas like industrial design, graphics design and, in recent years,  illustrating for agencies. 

It was awesome to work with other creatives and for big clients. If I would choose one it would be definitely the Silver Arrows Project by Automobilist. It was a really unique experience and I am proud I could have been a part of it. 

Although after a couple of years, I realized that my life is missing something – I did not feel joy or any fulfillment. 


It was bad...

There was a moment when I had to admit that I didn’t live my life in my own way. It wasn't me. I didn’t have my life in my hands. I was experiencing a really difficult period, which led to the collapse of a long-standing relationship. But it was inevitable, I needed to start off again. Start to live differently.

And so I did. I’ve changed my approach to my life. I’ve stopped calculating, planning and thinking. I let my heart to show me where to go and what to do. I rented a studio and let my own hands do, what they wanted. I let themselves to find their way. I gave them my full reliance.

Milan Sodoma Studio



And they didn’t disappoint me. They showed me that my mission is to paint women. They didn’t tell me the reason why, but I didn’t need to know that at the time. I was fascinated by the process itself, by the way, these works were created, always as if by itself, spontaneously, loosely.

And so I continued with enthusiasm. It was amazing. I felt happiness and joy, I felt fulfilled. Finally, I knew what it was like, to fully manifest myself, be who I really was.


The reason why

I felt beautiful and I had to ask myself: Why didn’t I do it a long time ago?

The answer wasn’t complicated. I was scared. My fear controlled me. And I found out why. It was because of my surrounding. I realized that I live in a world full of fear and competition, where people fight with each other every day, where the mistakes are not allowed, where the infinite growth is required, everything has to be perfectly planned and scientifically verified at the best case.

In this world, however, I haven't been fortunate nor successful.

Fortunately, I succeeded elsewhere. And I did not even have to go far. It requires to get into my heart. And be able to listen.

In this beautiful energy of love, when I formed my first pictures of women, I began to realize that I was behaving differently than before. I had no plan or strategy. I was in the presence and working absolutely spontaneous, creative, without a need for a perfect result. I started to be interested in spirituality, feelings, and intuition, more than ever. And most importantly, I began to feel the love of everything and everyone.

I was probably dumb, or it should be that way because some things take time, but finally, I got it.


This is a man's world

All of us lives our lives in a society that is driven by men energy and standing on the masculine principles. These principles are not bad themselves, I don’t want to be misunderstood. There is nothing wrong to be a man and live according to that. The problem is that our society isn’t balanced. And where the balance is lacking, there is a danger of a fall.


But it wouldn't be nothing without...

I believe that our society needs more qualities that women are the bearers of. Love, emotion, care, intuition, creativity, contextuality, or cyclicality - these values our society needs more than ever.

That’s the reason why I paint women, these perfect beings which can inspire us and can teach us a lot.

In my works, I would like to support all women to develop their natural women energy. I think, many women today agree with the game of men and forget a simple truth – to be a woman is amazing. Not only amazing but also so much needed today.

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