Milan Sodoma (1985) is a Czech painter based in Prague. He studied industrial design and graphic design and started his career as a graphic designer and an illustrator. Among other thigs, he participated in the Silver Arrows project for Unique & Limited Gallery.

His series of graphic prints called The Sinners was the first to meet with a positive response; the series deals with human behavior that is in conflict with social rules and restrictions. 

At present, he is primarily engaged in painting. His work can be described as minimalistic, clearly defined, with emphasis on shape, composition and visual experience from the painting.

His art is solely black and white and most often he works with ink and paper or canvas which is characteristic to him. It allows him to quickly and spontaneously capture his visions and ideas.

His work stretches from abstraction to figurative art. While abstraction is a space for searching for new ways of visual expression, figural paintings materialize his fascination with a female body.

At the moment, he is based in Prague, you can find him at his studio in Nová Pragovka Art District.  





I like it Black / Ye's Prague



The Hunt fo Moby Dick / Dudes and Barbies Gallery Prague



LUSTR festival Prague

Taste of Black / Hotel Hoffmeister Prague



LUSTR festival Prague




2006 – 2010

Graphic school Prague


2001 – 2005

SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště