Milan Sodoma (1985*) pursues mainly drawing and painting. His works can be described as minimalistic, clearly defined with an emphasis on shape, composition and a visual experience of the work itself. 

His works are made exclusively in black and white and they are painted mainly on paper or a canvas. This technique is typical for him.
It allows him to work quickly and spontaneously with the material without a long planning beforehand.

At the moment, he is based in Prague, you can find him at his studio in Nová Pragovka Art District.  


Creative Process

Speaking of Milan Sodoma’s work, he is the most interested in the moment, where he feels like a participant in the creating process that is half aware and half unaware. He enjoys the state where a part of what is going to happen is fully under his control whereas the other part is completely unknown to him. He cannot imagine planning his works ahead, because it is always a journey to the unknown, with the hope of creating something valuable and high quality. The faith that promises him that the climax of this effort will be successful keeps Milan Sodoma afloat. The result itself, the finished painting, the product, is determined by every, even the smallest, unplanned stroke. 

From artist's point of view, it is not only about the finished product, it is mainly about the process itself. The process is then projected into the painting as an authentic record, almost like a diary and every segment contains hundreds of short stories. The result is a painting that works as a unit, although it was not viewed or thought as such in the process.

What fulfills Milan Sodoma on his canvases is also the fact that his works are composed of opposing elements. The geometric distributions of the surface are gradually filled with organic and unplanned strokes of a foam roller. Sharp edges meet fine transitions white is exchanged with black, in which the orientation of the strokes play an important role. The final painting is the proof, that same as in life if we want to reach harmony we have to be able to work with opposites, whether it be opposite elements or opinions that have to be put in the right relation. Only like this, it is possible to reach harmony.

The combination of black and white always fascinated Milan Sodoma. He perceives the world in shapes and compositions and even though he is not colorblind, colors do not hold a great importance to him. Art always meant visualization to him. In artist's opinion, a good artwork should alone by itself emits a strong energy and should not only be a metaphor. He always strives for my paintings to be perceived by other people as an object that was created under certain circumstances, at a certain time and its shape being determined by those factors with the artist’s energy saved in the piece.





I like it Black / Ye's Prague



The Hunt for Moby Dick / Dudes and Barbies Gallery Prague



LUSTR festival Prague

Taste of Black / Hotel Hoffmeister Prague



LUSTR festival Prague




2006 – 2010

Graphic school Prague – Graphic design


2001 – 2005

SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště – Industrial design